Using products to Build a better family life together with mideers' products

mideer believes that the true value of toys goes beyond just a pile of toys themselves, but whether they can bring children all the beauty in the world. Therefore, when you look at mideer's toys, you will feel like you have opened a huge and rich picture book. It revolves around the concept of "discover · fun · art" to convey the diversity of cultures and creativity in the world through the language of artists. It is also the visual language of mideer toys, conveying beauty and art, and building a toy space that perceives beauty, creating a better way of life.

mideer takes the perspective of children's growth as the core and creates suitable toys for children at different stages of development. Combining the eight major intelligences of children's growth, the entire product system is constructed, including systematic layout of 10 categories such as aesthetic education puzzles, educational board games, creative handcrafts, scientific exploration, art enlightenment/stationery, construction blocks, educational cognition, situational toys, music enlightenment, outdoor sports, etc., thereby developing children's multiple intelligences (language intelligence, logical-mathematical intelligence, spatial intelligence, bodily-kinesthetic intelligence, musical intelligence, aesthetic intelligence, interpersonal intelligence, intrapersonal intelligence, naturalistic observation intelligence).


The Art Master of Jigsaw Puzzles

Using exquisite illustrations from various artists, mideer weaves a perceptible network of puzzles, allowing children who are just beginning to explore the world to gradually perceive and be influenced by the beauty of diverse cultures, establishing a cognitive understanding of beauty.

Building Blocks

Let imagination soar.

Children's world is full of imagination, and they can create infinite possibilities. mideer breaks the traditional fixed structure of building blocks by using individual blocks without fixed answers, allowing children to unleash their boundless imagination and creativity to create the future world. At the same time, during the process of playing with building blocks, children subconsciously improve their spatial ability, logical thinking ability, observation skills, and more.o subtly enhances children's spatial ability, logical thinking ability, observation skills, and more through building and playing.

Educational Board Games

Development of a diverse intelligence board game system

The entire table game system built by midee is centered around the development of children's diverse intelligence, covering basic table games and IQ, EQ, FQ series table games. It combines education with entertainment during parent-child happy time, allowing children to enjoy themselves while also improving various abilities and developing their diverse intelligence.

Art enrichment/stationery

Dancing Finger, Flowing Creativity

Color is the best language for children. In the eyes of children, the world is full of colorful things, and they are curious about all colorful things. They like to explore the unknown world with their wild imaginations and express themselves freely through colors. Through subtle and imperceptible creation, they discover and perceive beauty, and form their own artistic aesthetics.

Creative Crafts

Light up your imagination

It is crucial for Developing children to develope aesthetic taste and imagination with creative handicrafts. mideer incorporates various life elements into handicrafts, combines early childhood education with cognitive development, exercises children's finger strength and flexibility, enhances cognition, and unleashes their imagination. From 2D art to 3D paper folding, it constantly upgrades and allows children to create freely.

Science Discovery

Discover the wonders of the world.

Children are born with a natural curiosity and desire for exploration of the things and phenomena around them. Based on the patterns of children's exploration, mideer progresses from exploring the unknown, to discovering the wonders of the world, to seeking answers through thinking, and finally to creating and verifying through hands-on experimentation. This progressive approach continually stimulates children's imagination, curiosity, thirst for knowledge, and creativity, while also instilling them with a foundation in science from a young age and cultivating an indomitable spirit of exploration.

Outdoor Sports

Exploring the mysteries of nature.

Young children are natural explorers, and through close contact with nature, they can stimulate their curiosity and sense of novelty. mideer has developed a variety of outdoor toys that bring children closer to nature while playing. This not only satisfies a child's natural desire to play and be active but also promotes their metabolic development and cognitive abilities.

Scenario-based toys

Acquire new knowledge through experience.

A child's knowledge is acquired through experience, and a child's life itself is a game." mideer uses scenario-based toys to allow children to unleash their imagination and experience different roles in life, enhancing their cognitive knowledge, language communication, emotional intelligence, and other forms of intelligence.

Educational Learning

A cognitive assistant for early education that enhances intelligence.

During childhood, the brain develops at its fastest rate. mideer has taken advantage of this period by developing a series of toys specifically targeted towards children, which involve ability training and cognitive question cards. These toys are designed to enrich a child's knowledge system, enhance their various abilities, and give them an edge from the start.

Music Enlightment

Music elevates cognition.

Music education and development are like attaching a pair of wings for babies' imagination, creativity, and memory, allowing their intelligence to develop more remarkably! mideer has developed a series of Orff music toys, such as the music box, percussion instruments, harmonica, sand hammer, etc., to cultivate children's sense of beauty and music from an early age, fully unleashing their emotions.

Classical Toy

Inheriting and Innovating Beauty,

It's not just a companion, but also a source of pure and simple pleasure. It represents the fond memories and joy of childhood. Milu has blended classic childhood toys with modern art to recreate them, infusing traditional toys with contemporary artistic aesthetics. This collision of tradition and modernity creates a resonance between emotion and art.

Children's Daily Necessities

Bringing Convenient and Wonderful Life.

Artistic household items can help children develop positive emotions and feelings, and benefit them for a lifetime. They can also stimulate children's enthusiasm and emotional cognition, enriching their inner world. Milu incorporates artistic elements into their products, not only ensuring their practicality, but also increasing their aesthetic value.