mideer Shaped Artist Puzzle - Panda Planetarium

Classical Chinese style collides with modern technology

Over 30 astronomical elements await your exploration

Experience artistic enjoyment at your fingertips.

mideer Everything Grow - Sun Planting Room

Transform into a little gardener and DIY,

Explore the mysteries of plant growth,

Satisfy children's curiosity about natural science.

mideer Monster Bubbles

Cute and silly appearance, with a "protagonist" aura

Combined with music and lighting

Starts a colorful bubble kingdom's dazzling audio-visual show.

mideer Magic Dot Marker

Introduction to painting, starting with a dot, and unleash your imagination to the fullest.

Using the dot as a medium of art, connecting color and art,

Nurturing children's artistic talent.

mideer Maze Card

170+ maze paths, immersive gaming experience.

Children of different ages can find what they like.

The ability to control the pen and logical thinking are constantly improved through play.