mideer Level Up! Puzzles

puzzle is the best-selling product with over 1 million sales, and has won numerous awards such as the American Parenting Product Award, Mom's Choice Award, Tillywig Brain Child Award, Creative Children's Creation Gold Award, and the American Academic Award. This is a gift from art masters to children. Different artists bring diverse world cultures, which can enhance children's imagination, creativity, logical thinking abilities, and become an artistic treasure that accompanies them throughout their lives.

mideer City Blocks

Building blocks are the top-selling wooden construction toy on Tmall, with over 70,000 units sold. They have won the 2021 American Academic Award and the Rainbow Excellence Award.They are known as "masters of spatial imagination," breaking through traditional limitations. With each unpolished square wooden block, children can unleash their imagination and create unlimited possibilities with their own hands, turning their imagined worlds into reality.

Handcraft Set

The handmade category industry is the first in its field, with a cumulative sales volume of over 160,000 and has won the American academic award. Children have a strong but slow ability to absorb external information, which is a gradual process. By integrating basic knowledge into daily life in simple and interesting ways, we can explore the world of growth with children. Through activities such as assembling, pasting, and folding, children can explore the outside world while having fun and leveling up.

mideer Oily Double-ended Marker

The Dark horse in the children's toy industry. listed for two months,this marker rises to the third place in toy industry. 90% can be washed.Even a rough sketch is a unique creation of a child. A leaf can inspire a painting, a circle can become a work of art. Through dots, strokes, lines, and outlines, children can let their creativity flow freely from their fingertips, without any constraints. Double-headed markers allow children to express their imagination through free creation.

mideer STEAM Borax Free Clay

Ranked No. 3 in the Tmall clay sales category, with cumulative sales of over 150,000 and awarded the Best Children's Creative Product Award for 2022. Every intimate contact with fingertips creates a small work of art that helps unleash children's boundless imagination and their perception and expression of art. This creativity requires freedom and no constraints. mideer has designed a truly zero boron clay to create a safe 0-boron technology for children. At the same time, it ensures good stretchability, allowing unrestricted creation. Let art be limitless!

mideer Colorful Magnetic Tiles

Ranked in the top 5 of the best-selling building block toys, we hope that children can use their imagination to create their own world and express their emotions and thoughts through colors. We understand that with each connection, they can realize their own creativity and truly experience the joy of blending imagination and construction.

mideer My First Magic Show

Receives over 10,000 positive reviews and is a top-selling product on Douyin. It has won the 2021 Academic Choice Award (Master of Thought Award) in the United States and the 2021 Rainbow Excellence Award. Through immersive experiences and authentic character portrayals, children can better understand unknown aspects of life and things. By becoming a mysterious magician, children can experience the allure of their role through multiple performances, gain more confidence through self-expression, and receive a sense of achievement.