Every exhibition is like an art show

mideer conveys the beauty of life as seen by artists through their works in offline art exhibitions, offering children a diverse range of arts and aesthetics, and allowing them to experience the beauty of the world. mideer creates more opportunities for face-to-face communication with children and families, bridging the gap between art and life, and enriching children's artistic experiences and perceptions. They showcase the astonishing artistic creativity of children within trust that is not defined or limited.

CBME Children Baby Maternity Expo

CBME China Maternity Baby Expo began in 2001 and has successfully held 21 sessions to date. With a massive exhibition area of over 300,000 square meters, it is a global international maternity and baby industry event. It includes CBME Maternity Baby Expo, CBME Kids Fashion Expo, CBME Maternity Baby Food Expo, and CBME Supply Chain Expo.

CTE China Toy Expo

CTE China Toy Expo is a comprehensive toy trade fair and also the largest toy exhibition in Asia. It is held in Shanghai every October, with 30 countries and regions and 20 major production areas showcasing excellent domestic brands, attracting more than 130 countries and regions with nearly 100,000 professional buyers.

International Toy Fair

Art without borders, we go out into the world and let more people experience our new art and toys.
To build an art exhibition that is both imaginative and actionable for children as well as adults.