Art, Artist, Aesthetic, Beauty.


Accompanying children with multiculturalism in their growth allows them to always have an artistic perspective, the ability to discover beauty, and an embracing heart towards the world.

Renowned art master Lowenfeld once said: Art can cultivate adaptable and creative individuals; without art education, although one may have abundant knowledge, they do not know how to apply it, eventually becoming a person lacking substance and struggling to adapt to their environment.

Art can liberate children's nature, build confidence, refine their temperament, and regulate their speech. Therefore, children should receive aesthetic education from an early age and be influenced by beauty. However, aesthetic education is not just about providing simple art training to improve children's artistic abilities. It is more important to subtly influence people's emotions, interests, temperament, breadth of mind, culture, inspire their spirits, and comfort their souls.

Therefore, for mideer, toys are not just playthings but also keys to opening up a vast world.
Based on the brand positioning of "aesthetic and intellectual", mideer cooperates with artists from various countries, such as Eric Carle, MIYANISHI, Alison Jay, Ye Luying, Vikki Zhang,etc., who draw inspiration from European countryside towns, snow-covered primitive forests, traditional Chinese culture, and more. mideer hopes to provide a multicultural perspective through the eyes of artists from different cultural backgrounds: the artists incorporate various aspects of the world into their works, and children can see people's lifestyles around the world, realize the diversity and unity of humanity, culture, and nature, learn to respect diversity, and build inner peace and tolerance, unconsciously establishing an open worldview.

mideer hopes to make toys look more like works of art. With the softness of illustration art and toys that do not require standard answers, mideer seeks to extend children's imagination and creativity by spending time with them on the floor. This allows the release of children's unlimited potential. By exploring different artistic styles and using toys as a medium, mideer hopes to expose children to various forms of beauty and inspire them to discover and create beauty in the future on their own.

A Painting for the World.

The beauty of art is diverse and flowing. It is not singular or absolute, but rather inclusive.
This time, we once again collide with several outstanding artists from around the world
To have an explosion of inspiration and exclusive creative customization.
Using more layered beauty and unique expression techniques, We gather our fantasies about the world, unknown journeys, and wonderful adventures Into a puzzle, creating a "World Art Museum"
That brings a fantastic art journey to children and adults around the world!

The Art that Dances At Your Fingertips."

It's like the colors accidentally splattered by nature.
With simple movements such as rubbing, twisting, pressing, cutting, and dotting,Imagination turns into reality in an instant.
It can fully unleash children's boundless imagination, turning everything into tangible objects.
There are no standard answers Or fixed techniques, allowing for limitless creativity!

Eric Carle


More than 70 international awards including "New York Times Annual Children's Book Master" and Bologna Book Fair Design Award in Italy



Judge of the first China Original Picture Book Contest,
Kodansha Publishing Culture Award Picture Book Award,
Jianyuan Picture Book Village Picture Book Award Grand Prize



1st prize of Ilustrarte in Portugal in 2005,
Belgrade Golden Pen Award in Serbia in 2009,
1st prize of World News Cartoon in Portugal in 2011,
Communication Arts Excellence Award in the United States in 2012,
Japanese Illustration Award in 2017 and 2021 respectively,
And his works are often published in Creative Quarterly and 3x3 Magazine (USA).

Alison Jay


19th ADC Young Guns International Youth Design Award,
nominated for Kate Greenaway Medal.

Steven Van Hasten


Japan Illustrators' Association Award,
3x3 Magazine Excellence Award

Tom Schamp


2008 Boekenpauw Prize

Einar Turkowski


Kila Best Illustrator Award,
Tostrop Comic Second Prize,
Bratislava 21st Biennial of Illustration Art Award

Ye Luying


Best Illustration Gold Award at the 13th China Animation Golden Dragon Award,
Gold Windmill at CCBF Shanghai International Children's Book Fair,
Gold Medal at the International Young Illustrators Competition,
First Prize at the 7th Trustee Picture Book Award in Taiwan,
Cheltenham Illustration Award in the UK

Vikki Zhang


19th ADC Young Guns International Youth Design Award,
Best Illustration Award at the 16th China Golden Dragon Animation Award,
Silver Book Award at the 63rd New York Illustrators Association